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Founded in 1994, Nobel International Education Institution (NIEI) has opened 14 kindergartens and primary schools in Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei Province in the past 21 years. All schools have reached the highest provincial education standards.

Our philosophy is to execute “the Best of Eastern and Western Education and Civilization; People-oriented, Life-oriented, encourage students’ social, occupational and family responsibilities, as the new generation”. Also we focus on “Communications, progress and bilingual” teaching, emphasize on developing school-based curriculum etiquette education.

NIEI’s core management team leaded by President Mr. Bowen Xu, member of the district commissary of CPPCC, Tianhe District Guangzhou city, who holds a double degree in Mathematics and Economics at University of London;  UK education expert Mr. David William, Mr. Jian Tan and more. Our team continues to introduce advanced teaching philosophy, to innovate, to form the best education institution in the country, leading NIEI to become the gateway to World Best Education.

Nobel International Education Institute Mission

Innovative & Responsible

We have always put "Everything for Our Children" as our motto; we strive to create the best learning environment for our children. In our campuses teachers are caring, parents are at ease, students are happy, we stand with confidence and recognition among members of society. We are accredited and follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, continue to complete our schools with the best hardware and software facilities, and provide a well-rounded curriculum. Our teaching system is revolutionary—merging traditional concepts of teaching with international standards, bringing in excellence for our future.


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Liwan District ● Guangzhou City ● Guangdong ● China   广东省中国

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